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Q: My coupon code won't work.

A: Coupons are limited to 1 use per customer. They are also case sensitive. Please input in the coupon code box at checkout. If none of these apply/resolve the issue, please input in the memo box that the coupon code (and which coupon code) was not working.


Q: How do I use a credit memo/gift certificate online?

A: At checkout, please include the credit memo number/gift certificate number in the memo box. If you do not know these numbers please state that you have a credit memo/gift certificate under your name and we will find it. The credit will not be reflected until your order has been processed and shipped.


Q: Why do I see the full price of the item charged to my card and not the discounted price? (i.e. using a coupon code or credit memo/gift certificate)

A1: All orders are processed by hand. If you had issues with the coupon code, you will see the full pending amount on your method of payment until we make the price adjustment. Then you will see a charge go through.

A2: All orders are processed by hand. If you are wanting to apply your credit memo/gift certificate, you will see the full pending amount on your method payment until we apply the credit memo/gift certificate. Once applied, your pending charge will drop or adjusted to the difference you may owe.


Q: I want to add another item to my order.

A: Please call the customer service number at 503-493-6039 or send an email to to add an item. If there is no answer, please leave a message and twe will get to back to you as soon as we can.

Additionally, you may place a second order. If there is a coupon code you would like to apply, simply state in the memo box that you are adding this to your order and we will manually apply it when we process the order.

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