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Meet The Team

Sarah Fladwood


Favorite item in the store: Scout wrap bracelets

Must haves: Cutloose wide leg linen pants- recent convert to these from joggers, dark denim jean jacket, good bra, floss

Who/what inspires you: My mom. She is understanding, brave, and so funny. She makes everyone feel good about themselves. 

Go-to beverage: coffee ALL DAY LONG. even decaf. 

Personal Mantra: This changes for me frequently, but right now it would be "Do something everyday that scares you, but do it with kindness." 

Personal style: Coastal granny chic, 100%. 

Hostess gift of choice: Drinks On Me cocktail napkins EVERY time. 

Perfect Sunday? Paddle boarding with my family followed by BBQ on the patio. 

How do you zen? Trashy romance novel. 

Movie that makes you smile? Bridget Jones Diary 1 AND 2. 

Birth sign: Virgo of course


 Linda Fladwood


Favorite item in the store:  Anything from cut loose clothing

Must haves: Flowy tops with cowl necks, great walking shoes and several walks throughout the day. 

What inspires me: All the hardworking crew members that run our company.  They are dedicated, able to flow and have never-ending energy!  

Must-have beverage:  12oz steamer  from starbucks with 1/2 shot of vanilla. hold the whip cream...I am on a diet. 

Personal mantra:  Change requires courage.  

Personal style:  Earthy with sophistication 

Hostess gift of choice:  Always a fruit platter.  

Perfect sunday:  Anything in the mountains whether it be skiing, hiking or biking. Add the family especially a few of my grandboys and I am in heaven. 

How to zen:  15 minute meditation on spotify twice a day. 

Movie that makes me smile..anything with Frances McDormand.. especially Almost Famous.  Who doesnt love the scene with Tiny Dancer!

Birth sign: pieces 



General Manager - PDX

Favorite item in the store: Baggallini Soho Backpack - (Also a "Must Have" for me)

Must haves:  Cardigans - (Habitat is my "go to" for a great cardigan)

Who/what inspires you:  My Mom was/is my biggest inspiration. She faced a lot of adversity, but rarely complained. She had a wonderful enthusiasm for life and an ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. She taught me to always be kind, to practice forgiveness, and always be curious - but never judgemental.

Go-to beverage: Miller Lite (of course) ..... It's Millertime!!

Personal Mantra: My "go to" is: Be your own sunshine!  I also enjoy: If you want something different, do something different. Also similarly: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Personal style: Minimalistic: Relaxed, casual, comfortable, and functional. I'm entertaining the idea of trying a "capsule wardrobe"

Hostess gift of choice: Scout Wrap Bracelets, Scented candles, Swig drinkware

Perfect Sunday? Rest, Relax, and feed my soul with hiking, reading, gardening, and also gathering with family and friends for games, food, & fun!

How do you zen?  Star gazing in the Hot Tub

Movie that makes you smile? The Princess Bride

Birth sign: Scorpio


Victoria Zollman

Bend Store Manager - Bend

Favorite item in the store: Sympli Rapt Pant

Must haves:  Earrings! Especially Silk wool and bijou

Who/what inspires you:  A Mountain sunrise 

Go-to beverage:  Matcha Tea

Personal Mantra:  put an egg on it

Personal style: Boho Chic with a hat

Hostess gift of choice:  tea towel always

Perfect Sunday? Camping and waking up to birds

How do you zen? Hike Smith Rock

Movie that makes you smile? Paddington Bear

Birth sign: Cancer


Melissa Clayton

Marketing Manager

Favorite item in the store: I am loving the white Taos sneakers - before I started working with ccMcKenzie I wasn't familiar with the brand/line but love the versatility, they go with everything! 

Must haves: I am definitely the 'less is more' type, but give me lip gloss, stack rings, drop earrings, a good protein bar (NEVER leave the house without snacks), a cute water bottle, and I'm never letting go of my skinny jeans - you'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.

Who/what inspires you: Anyone who is willing to be scared but does the thing anyway

Go-to beverage: Pink LaCroix

Personal Mantra: I got this

Personal style: Casual, but put together with a pop of color

Hostess gift of choice Bottle of Red
Perfect Sunday? Spending the day at the beach with my 3 kids, playing in the water and watching the sunset

How do you zen? Loud Car Karaoke

Movie that makes you smile? The little mermaid, original version. I must have seen it 250 times

Birth sign: Leo

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